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Experience the versatility and efficacy of Multi-Cal for a wide range of dental applications!

Pulpdent's Multi-Cal, a smooth and creamy preparation of calcium hydroxide that is highly recommended for various clinical applications where calcium hydroxide is needed. Unlike a hard base, Multi-Cal is a therapeutic treatment paste that delivers the same exceptional clinical outcomes as Pulpdent Cavity Liner, Pulpdent Paste, and TempCanal.

The Multi-Cal Kit includes four 1.2 ml syringes and eight pre-bent applicator tips, providing convenience and ease of use.


  • Effectively disinfects canals and helps maintain a sterile environment between office visits.
  • Provides excellent disinfection of the root canals, ensuring optimal oral health.
  • Relieves discomfort associated with "Hot Teeth," reducing patient discomfort and enhancing the overall dental experience.
  • Supports the healing process of periapical tissues, aiding in the recovery of patients with dental issues.
  • Offers effective treatment for traumatic dental injuries, aiding in the restoration of damaged teeth.
  • Promotes the formation of an apical barrier, facilitating apexification procedures for teeth with incomplete root development.


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