NLZ Electric Micromotor System

NSK AmericaSKU: Y1003735

Sale price$2,870.99


The NLZ is a high-performance device that delivers exceptional results in a small package. It has been designed with compactness in mind to ensure easy installation. The main unit is designed to fit under the counter, leaving only the control unit visible. Instead of a crank, the NLZ employs a straightforward pipe design, which significantly reduces the chances of water blockage. A water filter with a mesh diameter of 0.3 mm is attached to the tubing connector at the back of the main unit, effectively trapping debris and foreign particles. The system comprises a Control Unit and Main Unit, an AC Adaptor, an NLZ Motor, a Motor Cord, and a U Bracket.

Features and Benefits

  • The Contra-Check function aids in identifying potential issues caused by electric attachment degradation or inadequate maintenance before usage.
  • A microfilter prevents contaminants from entering the system.
  • The device offers excellent visibility and ease of operation.

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