NLZ Electric Micromotor System

NSK AmericaSKU: Y1003736

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The NLZ E is designed for optimal visibility and ease of use. The control unit is distinct from the main unit, enhancing its compactness and reducing the space needed for installation. The system incorporates unique technology to minimize the risk of water blockage. A straightforward pipe design is used to further reduce the likelihood of water clogging in the motor's rear section. A water filter with a 0.3 mm mesh diameter is integrated into the tubing connector at the back of the main unit, effectively trapping debris and foreign particles in the water. The NLZ ES120 System includes a Control Unit and Main Unit, an AC Adaptor, an NLZ Motor, a Motor Cord, and a U Bracket.

Features and Benefits

  • General application function for versatile use.
  • Rotary endo mode function for specific applications.
  • Recipro endo mode function for specialized tasks.

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