Nogama Amalgam Alloy 50/Jar - Silmet

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Nogama Amalgam Alloy 500/pk - Silmet

Silmet`s Nogama is an admix of spherical, copper-silver eutectic particles and lathe cut conventional alloy. Nogama provides a firm pack and smooth carving. Innovative SecureCap capsules in jars of 50, and 500 capsules (1,2 &3 spill). Ultrasonically welded capsules for maximum protection.


  • Increased strength of restored teeth
  • Excellent durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Supreme marginal adaptability
  • Safe & Hygienic - no loose mercury
  • Easy to dispense and mix
  • Environmentally friendly – less waste material
  • Economic – cost saving solution

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