Non -Chill Bib Clips


Color: Blue
Sale price$9.40


Autoclavable and Resistant: The Perfect Bib Clips for Hygiene

3D Dental introduces a cool new operatory aid. Non-Chill, Non-Stretch Bib Clips. These fun colored bib clips are autoclavable, chemiclavable and resistant to dry heat sterilization. These silicone bib clips are warm to the patients neck and won't snag hair. Available in 3 packs of these exciting colors . Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, and Peach. Upgrade your patient experience by switching to these fresh, new bib clips!


  • Material: Chrome-plated with clear plastic sleeves
  • Heat Compatibility: Autoclavable, chemiclavable, and resistant to dry heat sterilization
  • Comfort and Hair Protection: Warm to the patient's neck, hair snag-free design
  • Construction: Sturdy design with a strong spring for durability

Product Details:

  • Packaging: 3 per Pack

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