Op-D-Op II Visor Shield Protective Barrier System


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The Op-D-Op II is a versatile device that can be adjusted with a simple button press. It features an extra-wide air vent for optimal air circulation, flexible ski arms to prevent pressure points, and a tinted mini-shield to minimize overhead glare. The design allows for additional space between your face and the shield, and it can accommodate glasses, loupes, and lights. Created by health care professionals for their peers, Op-d-op Face Shields are the only face shields designed with your needs in mind. This allows you to stop worrying about your personal protective equipment (PPE) and concentrate on your patients.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects your face from splash, splatter, and spray
  • Compatible with glasses, loupes, lights, and masks
  • Ensures safe, comfortable, and confident work
  • Reusable
  • Features replaceable shields and foam bumpers
  • Tinted mini shields are available for Op-D-Op II Visor

Kit Contents: 1 Visor, 3 Shields, 1 Mini Shield and 1 Light Cure Shield

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