Ortho-Choice™ OBA Bracket Adhesive, Syringe Kit

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OBA: Unleashing the Power of Secure Bonds and Enhanced Orthodontic Care!

Discover the ultimate orthodontic solution by OBA. Our advanced adhesive offers secure bonds, effortless handling, long-term fluoride ion release, and a rapid light cure technique. Compatible with metal, ceramic, and clear sapphire brackets, it ensures optimal performance for a wide range of applications. The carefully formulated viscosity prevents bracket drift, guaranteeing precise positioning throughout treatment.

OBA Kit Contents: 2 x 4 g Syringe Orthodontic Bracket Adhesive, 5mL Resin Bonding Agent. 6mL Syringe Etch Gel, Brush Handle, 50 Brush Tips, 8 Etching Gel Applicator Tips


  • Thick, smooth consistency eliminates bracket flow, ensuring stability.
  • Visible light cure technology enables quick arch wire placement, saving time.
  • Fluoride ion release provides added protection against decalcification, promoting oral health.


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