Ortho-Coat Syringes, 5 ml

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Ortho-Coat: Bracket and Tooth Protection!

Ortho-Coat offers comprehensive protection for both the bracket and tooth surfaces. Its reinforced, moisture-tolerant resin acts as a barrier, preventing decalcification, staining, and discoloration under brackets. Additionally, Ortho-Coat safeguards soft tissue from any sharp edges of brackets, bands, and wires. Experience the peace of mind that comes with effective bracket and tooth protection using Ortho-Coat.


  • Releases fluoride for added protection.
  • Bonds to moist tooth surfaces for reliable adhesion.
  • Integrates with the tooth and creates margin-free results.
  • Prevents microleakage for enhanced durability.
  • Light cure for convenient application.
  • Compatible with self-cure and light cure orthodontic adhesives.
  • Maintains color stability for long-lasting aesthetics.


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