Ortho Debonding Burs

Prima DentalSKU: BB15FGBLK3009

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Prima's Classic Carbide Debonding Burs are designed for the precise and predictable removal of adhesive, ensuring no harm to the enamel. These instruments offer precision trimming and smooth operation. The burs operate with minimal vibration at low contact pressure, resulting in smooth surfaces and minimal heat generation, thanks to their innovative blade geometry. The kit includes: 169L-009, 274-016, 699L-009, H379-023AGK,7006-018, 7664-014, H48L-012, H22-016ALGK.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensures predictable removal of adhesive
  • No damage to the enamel
  • Provides precision trimming
  • Operates with low vibration at low contact pressure
  • Generates minimal heat
  • Innovative blade geometry for smooth surfaces
  • Smooth surface finish

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