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Para Bond Adhesive is an advanced dental adhesive system designed for chemical curing and self-conditioning of enamel and dentin. This comprehensive system comprises a Non-Rinse Conditioner and a chemical-curing adhesive, divided into Adhesive A and B components. It is particularly well-suited for dental situations where light penetration may be limited, such as in post cementation, applications involving metal crowns, deep cavities, or opaque ceramics. 

Kit: 3 ml Non-Rinse Conditioner, 3 ml Adhesive A, 3 ml Adhesive B

Adhesive A&B Refill: 3 ml Adhesive A, 3 ml Adhesive B

Features and Benefits

  • Seals the Tooth Surface: Para Bond Adhesive effectively seals the tooth surface, enhancing protection and reducing the risk of postoperative sensitivities.
  • Minimizes the Risk of Postoperative Sensitivities: This adhesive system is formulated to minimize the likelihood of postoperative sensitivities, promoting patient comfort and satisfaction.
  • High Shear Bond Strengths on Dentin and Enamel: Para Bond Adhesive delivers high shear bond strengths on both dentin and enamel, ensuring the durability and longevity of dental restorations.
  • Universally Applicable: This adhesive system is universally applicable and compatible with chemically, dual, and light-curing materials, providing dental professionals with flexibility in their procedures.

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