ParaPost Fiber Lux

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Para Post Fiber Lux Posts are an excellent choice for dental restorations when a metal-free option is preferred. These innovative fiber posts are crafted from a translucent fiber resin material, which not only ensures exceptional strength but also replicates the natural hues of the tooth. One significant advantage of these posts is their ability to eliminate shadows at the gingival/crown interface when used with composite restorations. The result is outstanding esthetics and a restoration that seamlessly blends in with the patient's natural teeth.

Features and Benefits

  • Light Transmitting Esthetics: The translucent fiber resin material used in these posts allows them to transmit light and achieve remarkable esthetics. This feature makes them virtually invisible under all types of restorations, ensuring a natural appearance.
  • Fast Cementation: When paired with light-cured cement, Para Post Fiber Lux Posts enable quick and efficient cementation, saving valuable chair time.
  • Unique Head Design: These fiber posts come with a unique rounded head design that reduces stress in the core material, contributing to enhanced durability.
  • Double Undercuts: The posts feature double undercuts for improved mechanical retention, ensuring a secure bond between the post and the restoration.

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