ParaPost Fiber White

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The Parapost Fiber White represents an invaluable addition to the esteemed Para-Post family of endodontic posts, catering to the ever-growing demand for exceptional aesthetics in modern dentistry. This innovative post system is designed to offer superior retention capabilities while maintaining a metal-free composition, making it a perfect choice for practitioners seeking high-performance, parallel-sided, passive posts that seamlessly blend into esthetic dental restorations. The comprehensive Intro Kit includes 10 posts in varying sizes, with 3 of each size for 4.5 and 5, and 2 of each size for 5.5 and 6, along with 4 essential drills and a Universal Hand Driver for your convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Metal-Free Aesthetics: Parapost Fiber White offers outstanding aesthetics without the use of metal, ensuring that dental restorations maintain a natural appearance.
  • Uni-Directional Glass Fiber/Resin Formulation: The innovative design incorporates a uni-directional composition of glass fiber and resin, optimizing post performance and reliability.
  • Safe, Passive Parallel Design: The post system is engineered with a safe, passive, parallel-sided design, providing excellent stability and retention.
  • Exceptional Adhesion to Resin Cement and Core Material: Parapost Fiber White exhibits remarkable adhesion properties, ensuring a strong bond with resin cement and core materials for durable restorations.
  • Flexibility Similar to Dentin: The post's flexibility closely mimics the characteristics of dentin, enhancing its adaptability and minimizing the risk of fractures or failures.

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