ParaPost XH Titanium Intro Kit and Refills

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The Threaded Parallel-Sided Dental Post is a specialized dental post designed to simplify direct core restorations in a single appointment. Its unique design features a threaded, parallel-sided post with a rounded, undercut head. This design makes it an excellent choice for core restorations involving glass ionomer and composite materials, where exceptional retention and safety are essential. The post is available in the Intro Kit, which includes 25 assorted posts, 7 drills, and 1 universal hand driver. Refills are also available in packs of 10 for your convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • Rounded Edges: The post's rounded edges are strategically designed to minimize stress points, reducing the risk of core failure and ensuring the longevity of the restoration.
  • Undercut, Slotted Head: The undercut, slotted head is specifically engineered to securely and easily lock onto composite and glass ionomer core materials, providing reliable retention.
  • Broad, Flat Shoulder Stop: The post features a broad, flat shoulder stop that ensures proper seating, helping to maintain the integrity of the restoration.
  • Patented Raised Diamond Retention Pattern: A patented raised diamond retention pattern further enhances retention capabilities, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the dental post.

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