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Perfecta has been a trusted and effective solution since 1990. Perfecta 16% is capable of eliminating a wide variety of stains, including those caused by tobacco, dark drinks, and even tetracycline. The wear time can be adjusted for light stains and for patients who have previously experienced thermal sensitivity. Perfecta 21% is capable of removing Tetracycline stains. It is advised that 21% should only be dispensed to patients who are compliant and have no history of thermal sensitivity.

The Patient Pak includes: 6 x 3 cc Syringes, 6 Dispensing Tips, a Cosmetic Patient Pouch with Mirror, Tray Case and Tray Material. The Value Pak includes: 36 x 3 cc Syringes, 36 Dispensing Tips, and Cosmetic Patient Pouches. The 50 Pak includes: 50 x 3 cc Syringes, 50 Dispensing Tips, and 25 Prescription Bags. The Tube Kit includes: 2 ounces (59cc) of Whitening Gel in a Squeeze Tube, Tray Case and Tray Material.

Features and Benefits

  • Glycol base reduces dehydration to prevent sensitivity
  • No need for chemical additives due to Perfecta's unique formulation

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