Perfecta REV!

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Perfecta REV! is a home-use teeth whitening solution that provides noticeable results in just 15 minutes per day. This unique product utilizes a 14% hydrogen peroxide formula that is patented. The REV! gel is water-based, ensuring teeth hydration during the whitening process and naturally preventing thermal sensitivity. Accompanying the gel is an alcohol-free mouth rinse, specifically designed for use post-application of the REV! gel.

The patient pack includes two 3 cc syringes and a 4 oz. bottle of REV! Finishing Rinse. The refresher pack contains one 3 cc syringe and a 4 oz. bottle of REV! Finishing Rinse.

Features and Benefits

  • The specially buffered formula triggers an immediate reaction, breaking down the gel into its active components.
  • It contains an advanced form of Vitamin C that promotes the health of teeth and gums.

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