Piezon 150

Hu-FriedySKU: FT-223#HF/A001

Sale price$2,489.78


The Piezon 150 is a compact yet powerful ultrasonic device from Hu-Friedy that perfectly blends power, precision, design, and functionality. It can be easily attached to a water system and comes with a unique external water filter and a clear water line for easy detection of biofilm. The LED handpiece not only enhances visibility but also allows for precise control with 35 individual power increments.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic interface with fingertip control for easy selection or change of power setting during use.
  • Illuminated handpiece that remains lit for 20 seconds after the foot control is released, providing continued visibility of the treatment site and facilitating easier diagnosis.
  • Instantaneous tip amplitude adjustment for smooth treatment and ultimate patient comfort.
  • Exceptionally low noise level during operation for a more peaceful patient experience.

The Piezon 150 package includes the unit itself, 3 Tips (A, P, PS), an LED Handpiece, and Maintenance Accessories.

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