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Spee-Dee Plastic Pins: Unbreakable Strength, Residue-Free Perfection!

Pulpdent's Spee-Dee Plastic Pins, specially crafted for the Direct Cast Core technique. These pins are engineered to be incredibly durable, virtually unbreakable, ensuring reliable performance throughout the process. Additionally, they have the unique advantage of burning out completely without leaving any residue behind.

Experience the reliability and cleanliness of Spee-Dee Plastic Pins, the ideal choice for your Direct Cast Core technique. With their remarkable durability and residue-free properties, they deliver exceptional performance, contributing to the success of your casting process.


  • Designed with exceptional strength, making them highly resistant to breakage even under demanding conditions.
  • When used in the Direct Cast Core technique, these pins leave no trace of residue after burning out, ensuring a clean and pristine result.

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