Porcelain Prep KIT

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Pulpdent's cost-effective kit designed to prepare porcelain surfaces for bonding. This comprehensive kit includes essential components such as Porcelain Etch Gel, Kool-Dam, Silane, and Drying Agent. It can be used with your preferred composite or resin cement, offering versatility and convenience. The Porcelain Etch Gel, when applied for just one minute, guarantees a stain-free ceramic surface.

Kit contents: 1.2 ml Syringe Porcelain Etch Gel - 9.6% Hydrofluoric Acid, 1.2 ml Syringe Dry-Rite Drying Agent, 1.2 ml Syringe Silane Bond Enhancer, 8 Dispenser Tips, Kool Dam


  • With the Porcelain Etch Gel, you can achieve excellent results in just one minute, saving valuable time during the bonding process.
  • Rest assured that the Porcelain Etch Gel is formulated to prevent any staining on the ceramic surface, maintaining its pristine appearance.


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