Power PLUS Ultrasonic Inserts

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The Power PLUS Ultrasonic Inserts are designed to provide clinicians with enhanced scaling power. They come in two distinct tip designs: thin conical and standard conical. The standard conical tips are 25% longer than the Universal #10 tip, allowing for extended reach into deep pockets. Their probe-like shape ensures familiarity and ease of use, making them ideal for heavy debris and supragingival scaling. The thin conical tips, on the other hand, are 25% thinner than standard tips, enabling them to reach into narrow, deep pockets. Both types of tips are attached to an ergonomic Swivel handle that features a soft silicone textured grip to prevent slippage.

Features and Benefits

  • Two Tip Designs: The inserts come with thin conical and standard conical tips to cater to different clinical needs.
  • Tapered Cone Design: This design provides a clear line of sight to the treatment area.
  • Large Diameter, Textured Silicone Handle: The handle is designed to reduce pinch force and ensure a secure grasp.
  • Color-Coded Grips: The grips are color-coded for easy identification.
  • Premium Grade Steel: The use of premium grade steel ensures advanced tip longevity.
  • Compatibility: Power PLUS inserts fit Swerv and all compatible 30 k Hz magnetorestrictive generators.

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