Predicta Bioactive Desensitizer Gel

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The Predicta Bioactive Desensitizer Gel is a treatment solution for dental hypersensitivity. It releases ions of calcium and phosphate, which stimulate the rapid formation of hydroxyapatite crystals on the surface of treated dentin and within dentinal tubules. This leads to the creation of a solid mineral layer on top of the treated dentin, as well as solid mineral plugs that extend from the mineral layer and occlude dentinal tubules. The Three-Syringe Kit includes 3 x 3ml syringes, 30 applicator tips, and 50 applicator brushes. The Single-Syringe Kit includes 1 x 3ml syringe, 10 applicator tips, and 15 applicator brushes.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use gel format
  • Offers strong pain relief for patients
  • No need for mixing or other preparatory steps before use
  • Designed to treat sensitivity related to exposed dentin, bleaching procedures, scaling or root planning, and hypersensitivity due to gingival recession
  • Conveniently packaged in hand-dispensable syringes and applied to treatment areas using simple applicator brushes

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