Prep-Rite RC Kit

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Efficient File Handling and Access Cavity Filling!

Our product is specifically designed for effective file handling and access cavity filling using the traditional technique. With the inclusion of peroxide, it offers an effervescing action for enhanced performance. This solution acts as a potent chelating agent, softening canal walls and facilitating easier instrumentation of the root canal. The peroxide component provides the desired effervescing action, while the lubricant helps prevent file binding and breakage. Trust in our solution for seamless file handling and efficient access cavity filling.

Prep-Rite RC Kit – 4 x 5gm syringes


  • 15% EDTA gel with lubricant for efficient performance.
  • Decalcifies canal walls for optimal instrumentation.
  • Facilitates easy and precise instrumentation.
  • Minimizes file binding and breakage.
  • Easily rinses out with irrigation for convenient use.


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