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Precision in Every Fill: Pulpdent Root Canal Pressure Syringe!

The Pulpdent Root Canal Pressure Syringe, the ultimate solution for precise obturation of root canals with Pulpdent Root Canal Sealer. This syringe provides a highly accurate method to ensure optimal results. By filling the apex first to create a positive seal, followed by precise backfilling of the remaining canal space using 30, 25, 22, or 18 gauge blunt needles, it delivers exceptional performance.

Pressure Syringe Combo Kit Includes: Pressure Syringe, 30 assorted needles, Pulpdent Root Canal Sealer Kit, Wonder Orange


  • Built with durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability during the obturation process.
  • Can be conveniently sterilized using any preferred sterilization method, allowing for easy integration into your existing workflow.

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