Pro-Surface Plus Disinfectant Wipes with TotalClean Technology

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Proprietary Total Clean™ Technology

Proprietary Total Clean™ technology provides 1-step cleaning and disinfection in a best-in-class contact time of just 1 minute. It eliminates 48 pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, TB and viruses, including the coronavirus, without damaging the surface. The features and benefits of Proprietary Total Clean™ technology include:

  • 1-minute surface contact time accelerates workflow and reduces patient transition time.
  • Broad spectrum bactericidal activity eliminates 48 pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Low toxicity profile will not damage non-porous instruments or surfaces; no special handling/protective eyewear required.
  • Fragrance-free formulation increases compliance without disrupting office operations.
  • Low quaternary ammonium content does not leave residue on surfaces.
  • Durable, extra-strong wipes cover a large surface area, minimizing consumption, and leave no lint residue.

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