ProAngle Ergo

Pac-Dent, Inc.SKU: 168S-144

Sale price$90.42


The Pro Angle Ergo is designed with an ergonomic shell for user comfort. Its uniquely angled head reduces the effort required by the hand and wrist compared to conventional disposable prophy angles. The patented internal gear design of the Pro Angle Ergo ensures quiet, chatter-free operation. The Pro Angle Torque Cups, with their turbine-like internal blade geometry, effectively minimize splatter and feature external cross-spiral ridges for enhanced interproximal cleaning.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Uniquely angled head for reduced hand and wrist effort
  • Patented internal gear design for quiet operation
  • Effective splatter reduction and improved interproximal cleaning with Pro Angle Torque Cups

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