ProFil Bulk Fill Composite A2 Automix Syringe 5ml. - Silmet

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ProFil Bulk Fill A2 Automix Syringe 5ml. - Silmet

ProFil™ BULK is a dual cure dental restorative composite designed for direct restorations. It is suitable for bulk fill technique in the posterior region and can be applied in an unlimited layer thickness.

  • Unlimited Depth of Cure
  • Compatible with all methacrylate-based bonding agents
  • Dual Curing Mechanism (can self-cure)
  • Fast Setting. Faster than the conventional increment technique
  • Easy-to-use automix syringe

Physical Properties

Compressive Strength 250 MPa

Setting Time 2.5 - 4.5 min

Working Time 1.5 - 3.5 min

Linear Shrinkage 1.2 %
Compatible with halogen light Yes
Compatible with Plasma ark light lamp (Yes)

Compatible with LED (Yes)
Depth of Cure Irradiation by LED – for 30 sec. 8.0 mm
Depth of Cure Irradiation by Halogen light – for 30 sec 8.0 mm

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