ProphyBrite Air Polisher

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Prophy Brite Air Polisher is a dental air polisher that provides quick and gentle patient care. It delivers a fine sodium bicarbonate and water slurry for easy removal of plaque and stains. The air polisher is ideal for cleaning and preparing teeth prior to placement of orthodontic brackets, sealants, bleaching, and fluoride treatments.

The Air Polisher Unit includes:

  • Air polisher
  • 2 nozzles
  • 2 powder chamber caps
  • Cleaning files (2.5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm)
  • O-rings (cap, powder, water)
  • Prophy Powder (3 oz., 85 g sample)

The Spare Parts Set includes:

  • Powder chamber cap
  • Set of O-rings

Prophy Brite Air Polisher offers chair side convenience, is easy to install, light weight, portable from operatory to operatory, and connects to most four-hole high speed handpiece tubing.

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