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Cide-it serves as a pre-soak and/or ultrasonic solution for cleansing and sterilizing instruments. Its distinct color enhances transparency in dilution, allowing instruments to remain visible in the ultrasonic tank. Clean-it, a versatile ultrasonic cleaner, is specially designed with non-ionic surfactants to safeguard dental instruments. This unique surfactant combination swiftly lifts contaminants like soil, blood, tissue, and mucus from dental tools.

Enz-it, an enzymatic ultrasonic cleaner, features a pH-buffered formula and non-ionic surfactants, ensuring excellent compatibility with a wide range of dental instruments.

Remuv-it powder excels as a high-performance tartar and stain remover, specifically formulated to dissolve stains on appliances like dentures and partials. It also effectively dissolves most types of permanent cements.

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