Red Dot Electrodes

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Red Dot Electrodes

Red Dot Electrodes

Red Dot Electrodes improve skin health and the treatment of wounds, both acute and chronic. In today's patient population, fragile skin is often a concern whether due to age, medication, or repeated removal of adhesive products. It's a delicate balance to protect the patient's skin and maintain good adhesion.

Features and Benefits

  • Conformable backing follows skin contours - 3M soft cloth backings are low profile to minimize catching of medical devices and fabrics. This may reduce the risk of early lift, which often necessitates electrode removal and replacement.
  • Gentle adhesives - Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) need both pressure and warmth, from the patient's body, to achieve optimum adhesion. 3M has formulated these electrodes PSAs to be gentler to the skin.
  • Small size with a low profile for increased patient comfort and conformability.
  • Lift tab makes electrode removal easy.

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