Refill Ease Cartridge Transfer Connectors

Practicon, IncSKU: 7109863

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The Refill Ease Cartridge Transfer Connectors are designed to facilitate the transfer of unused material from two or three partially filled tubes into one tube. A single connector can handle the transfer of an entire batch of cartridges simultaneously. Each pack contains six reusable plastic connectors. The 1:1 connector is specifically designed for transferring 1:1 style impression material from one cartridge to another, while the 10:1 connector is for transferring 10:1 style impression material.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables efficient use of materials by allowing transfer from multiple partial tubes into one.
  • Capable of transferring an entire batch of cartridges at a time.
  • Pack includes six reusable plastic connectors.
  • Two types of connectors available for different styles of impression material (1:1 and 10:1).
  • Helps save time and money.

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