RelyX Fiber Post

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Rely X Fiber Posts

These posts are strong and long-lasting and are designed to make excellent clinical results easy to achieve. They have the following features and benefits:

  • The elasticity of Rely X Fiber Post is similar to human dentin for a lower risk of root fracture due to the "wedge effect".
  • Its unique resin composition and equally dispersed parallel fibers lead to superior mechanical strength.
  • The microporous surface allows for additional bond strength through microretentive effects.
  • Excellent light translucency for efficient light cure deep into the root canal.
  • Improved radiopacity is among the highest of available glass fiber posts.
  • Fast, easy and reliable.

The Intro Kit contains 5 posts of each size: 1 (1.3 mm dia), 2 (1.6 mm dia), 3 (1.9 mm dia), and 4 drills sizes: 1, 2, 3, Universal, and 20 elongation tips. The Combination Kit contains the same items as the Intro Kit, plus a Trial Kit that includes 20 assorted capsules, Aplicap Activator/Applier Set. The Automix Starter Kit contains shade A2 Universal, 8.5 g syringes; 7 regular mixing tips, 15 wide mixing tips, 15 endo tips, 5 intra-oral tips, posts 5 of each size (0 (1.1 mm dia), 1 (1.3 mm dia), 2 (1.6 mm dia), 3 (1.9 mm dia)), and 5 drills sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3, Universal.

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