Robot® Point Diamond Burs – FG, Medium, White, Cylinder Round End, #130, 1.6 mm Diameter, 8.0 mm Length

ShofuSKU: 0846-1

Sale price$9.10


Experience unrivaled accuracy with our advanced robotic manufacturing process. Each bur is carefully crafted with a one-piece stainless steel shank, precisely coated with natural diamond particles. Achieve exceptional results as Robot® FG Diamonds effortlessly glide through your dental procedures. Our burs guarantee consistent quality and flawless performance for cavity and crown preparations.

  • Made by high technology robots in a computer-automated environment: Robot® FG Diamonds are crafted with utmost precision using state-of-the-art robotic technology. Each bur is meticulously manufactured in a computer-automated environment, ensuring exceptional quality, consistency, and reliability.

  • Multi-coating technique with a special surface treatment for durability: Our burs feature a multi-coating technique combined with a special surface treatment, resulting in outstanding durability. This advanced coating minimizes clogging, allowing for continuous and efficient cutting throughout your dental procedures.

  • Maintains cutting efficiency with less clogging: Experience smooth and uninterrupted cutting with Robot® FG Diamonds. Thanks to their innovative design and coating technology, these burs maintain excellent cutting efficiency while reducing the risk of clogging. Enjoy a seamless workflow without compromising on precision or performance.

  • Long-lasting performance: Robot® FG Diamonds are engineered for longevity. Their superior construction and advanced coatings ensure long-lasting performance, providing you with reliable and consistent results procedure after procedure. Save time and money by investing in burs that stand the test of time.


Compatible Handpiece Speed:High Speed
End Type:Round
Head Diameter:1.600 mm
Head Length:8.000 mm
Head Shape:Cylinder
Manufacturer Name:SHOFU DENTAL CORP
Old Manufacturer #:0846
Package Quantity:1/Pkg
Ring Color:White
Shank Type:Friction Grip

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