Root Canal Sealer

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Pulpdent's Root Canal Sealer is a versatile product suitable for use in both primary and permanent teeth. It is meticulously mixed to achieve a thick consistency, ensuring the elimination of free eugenol and enhancing patient comfort during the procedure. Once set, if necessary, the sealer can be easily removed using mechanical and hand instrumentation, providing flexibility and convenience for dental professionals. Trust in Pulpdent's Root Canal Sealer to deliver optimal outcomes while prioritizing patient comfort and facilitating efficient treatment processes.

Root Canal Sealer Kit: 15cc powder, 7.5mL liquid, mixing pad, scoop


  • Maintains its original volume and does not undergo shrinkage during the setting process, ensuring a stable and secure seal.
  • Resorbs naturally along with the roots over time, promoting proper development and exfoliation.
  • Exhibits excellent flow properties, enabling smooth and efficient application through 30-gauge needles, ensuring precise placement within the root canal.
  • Compatible with dental tissues, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring biocompatibility for enhanced patient comfort and safety.
  • In cases where slight overfills occur, the excess material typically resorbs naturally over time, allowing for proper healing and resolution within the root canal.


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