Rubber Dam Kit

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This Rubber Dam Kit is designed to minimize the risk associated with aerosol generating procedures. The kit includes a variety of tools, all of which are housed in a fully autoclavable stainless steel tray. The kit contains: a Rubber Dam Punch (Ainsworth type), a Clamp Forcep (Ivory type), Rubber Dam Frames of various sizes (Small, Medium & Large), and a variety of clamps designed for different dental procedures. These include Clamp 00, Clamp 3, Clamp 12A, Clamp 13A, Clamp 27, Clamp 29, Clamp 210, Clamp 212, Clamp W8A, and a Clamp Tray.

Features and Benefits

  • Acts as an effective barrier against the potential spread of infectious diseases
  • Establishes a clean and dry operative field free from blood or saliva contamination
  • Minimizes microbial contamination at the primary source
  • Prevents the build-up of fluid in the mouth

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