SafeSeal Quattro Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches with TruePress Technology

MedicomSKU: 88045-4

Sale price$27.06


Product Description

The product features state-of-the-art True Press™ technology that ensures seal integrity. The extra-wide self-adhesive strip creates an airtight seal, while the high-quality, porous medical-grade paper maximizes steam penetration. The internal and external multi-parameter process indicators for steam sterilization respond to three variables: time, temperature, and saturated steam and are printed on the pouch for clear results. The tinted film allows easy detection of damage to the pouch, while the thumb notch allows easy opening without contaminating sterile contents.

Features and Benefits

  • True Press technology ensures seal integrity
  • Extra wide self adhesive strip provides airtight seal
  • High quality, porous medical grade paper minimizes steam penetration
  • Multi parameter indicators printed on pouch for clear results
  • Tinted film for easy damage detection
  • Thumb notch for easy opening

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