Shock and Clean

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The Shock and Clean system is designed to prevent the build-up of debris and bioburden in the lines, which can lead to a decrease in pressure and a potential system-wide breakdown. This two-step system from Palmero not only keeps vacuum lines clean but also prolongs the life of the pump. The first stage involves the use of a time-released tablet every three months. The second stage helps to restore pressure, maintain clean vacuum lines, and extend pump life. Its neutral pH aids in reducing the spread of amalgam into sewer systems, ensuring consistent vacuum suction and asepsis.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents accumulation of debris and bioburden
  • Neutral pH
  • Operatory Kit includes 6 Tubes (each containing 16 Vacuum Clean tablets and 1 Vacuum Shock tablet)
  • Shock and Clean Kit includes Vacuum Shock, Vacuum Clean, Pour and Clean Bottle for Premixing

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