Silane Bond Enhancer KIT

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The Silane Bond Enhancer is specifically formulated for bonding composites and resin cements to porcelain surfaces. This single-component material significantly enhances the bond strength between organic resins, such as composites and resin cements, and porcelain. To apply, simply dispense one drop at a time from the syringe onto the etched and dried porcelain surface. Experience the convenience and efficacy of Silane Bond Enhancer in achieving reliable and strong bonds between porcelain and resin-based dental materials.

Syringe Kit Contents: 4 x 1.2 ml Syringe, 8 Applicator Tips


  • Composed of a single component, simplifying the bonding process and ensuring ease of use.
  • Enhances the bond strength between surfaces, resulting in a robust and reliable adhesion.


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