SimpliShade™ Universal Composite

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Simpli Shade

Simpli Shade is a light-cured, esthetic resin-based, dental restorative designed for the placement of direct restorations. Simpli Shade is indicated for all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth, as well as repair of enamel defects, repair of provisionals, repair of porcelain restorations, minor occlusal build-ups, core build-ups and incisal abrasions.

Features and Benefits

  • Three shades to match all 16 VITA shades saves time and money with minimal shades to choose from
  • Simplified shade offering makes shade selection easier & faster
  • Excellent blending, handling, & esthetics creates natural, lifelike restorations
  • No blocker needed eliminates hassle of having to use multiple products
  • Can be used for all cavity classes reduces inventory management burden

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