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Snap is characterized by its distinctive ethyl methacrylate composition, which significantly minimizes polymerization shrinkage, leading to improved margin fit. This enhancement in margin fit reduces the occurrence of discrepancies that can accumulate plaque, cause soft tissue irritation, and facilitate microleakage, thereby threatening the health of the pulp. The starter kit includes 4 x 40 g Powder (62/A2, 65/A3/D3, 69/C2/D4, 77/B3/B4), and 4 oz. Liquid Monomer.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique ethyl methacrylate formula
  • Reduces polymerization shrinkage
  • Improves margin fit
  • Minimizes discrepancies that can trap plaque and irritate soft tissue
  • Prevents microleakage that can jeopardize the health of the pulp
  • Starter Kit: 4 x 40 g Powder (62/A2, 65/A3/D3, 69/C2/D4, 77/B3/B4), 4 oz. Liquid Monomer
  • Delivers a better fit than methyl methacrylate-based materials
  • Lower heat release
  • Exceptional color stability

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