SoloCem Self Adhesive Cement

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Solo Cem Self Adhesive Cement offers a time-saving solution without compromising on dependable bonding. This advanced cement incorporates MDP and 4-MET(A) monomers, ensuring strong bonds across various materials such as ceramic, metal, and composite, for a wide range of dental indications including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, endodontic posts, and implant abutments. The composite-like composition of Solo Cem features antibacterial zinc oxide and boasts high radiopacity. Its minimal shrinkage contributes to the creation of a high-quality bond and long-lasting dental restorations. Solo Cem is available in dentin, white opaque, and translucent shades, conveniently delivered through Automix syringes equipped with ready-to-use mixing tips. With an intraoral processing time of approximately 60 seconds and easy removal of excess material after just 3 seconds of light curing, Solo Cem streamlines dental procedures.

Intro Kit: 2 x 5 ml Syringes (Dentin, Translucent), 20 Mixing Tips (10 Brown Short Super Fine, 10 Brown Short Fine)

Refill: 5 ml SoloCem, 5 Brown Short Super Fine Mixing Tips, 5 Brown Short Fine Mixing Tips

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains Antibacterial Zinc Oxide: Solo Cem incorporates antibacterial zinc oxide for added infection control.
  • Highly Radiopaque: Its high radiopacity ensures clear visibility and precision during dental procedures.
  • Low Shrinkage: Minimal shrinkage contributes to a durable and reliable bond for long-lasting dental restorations.

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