Space Maintainer Wires

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Space Maintainer Wires

Space Maintainer Wires

The Space Maintainer Wires come in a variety of choices, which include the Plain Wire, Distal Shoe Wire, and Wire with Occlusal Rest.

Plain Wire: The Plain Wire is the basic space maintainer.

Distal Shoe Wire: The Distal Shoe Wire is used to provide support when the opposing tooth has yet to erupt. The distal shoe is placed down the distal wall of the extracted socket. It is the preferred choice for guiding the eruption of 1st permanent molars.

Wire with an Occlusal Rest: The Wire with an Occlusal Rest includes a pre-welded occlusal rest, which is seated onto the occlusal shelf of the opposing surface. They are used when added support is needed to maintain space.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of options to choose from

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