Spee-Dee Build Up

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Spee-Dee Build Up: Seamless Transitions, Dentin-like Hardness!

Spee-Dee Build Up exhibits a dentin-like hardness, ensuring seamless transitioning of rotary instruments from tooth to Spee-Dee without any issues such as ditching, gouging, gumming up, or chattering. Its distinctive moisture-tolerant chemistry possesses both self-adhesive and self-etching properties. While etching dentin and employing bonding agents are optional, they become necessary only when there is a need for retention form in the preparation.

The Spee-Dee Build-Up Dispenser Guns are designed to accommodate dental materials in both 25 ml and 50 ml cartridges.


  • Free from Bisphenol A, BIS-GMA, and BPA derivatives
  • Releases fluoride
  • Dual-cure capability


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