Super-Snap® Buff Disk – Polishing Replacement Disks, 50/Pkg

ShofuSKU: L501

Sale price$32.90


Specifically designed for microfilled and hybrid composites, Super-Snap ensures easy, fast, and safe dental procedures. Its elastic silicone shank mount allows for seamless disk placement onto the mandrel, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Manufactured without a metal center, Super-Snap offers optimal safety and versatility in dental contouring and polishing. Elevate your dental practice with the superior performance of Super-Snap.

  • Its ultra-thin disks provide easy access to interproximal areas, ensuring precise and thorough polishing.
  • With grits made of high-quality silicon carbide and aluminum oxide, Super-Snap delivers exceptional polishing results.
  • Trust in the superior flexibility, interproximal access, and premium abrasive materials of Super-Snap for efficient and effective contouring, finishing, and polishing of dental restorations.
  • Elevate your dental procedures with the reliability and performance of Super-Snap.

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