Super Snap Singles Mini Disks

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Introducing the revolutionary Super-Snap buff disks, meticulously engineered to redefine the finishing and polishing process for microfilled and hybrid composites. These exceptional buff disks are specifically designed to deliver flawless results, providing a superior level of surface refinement and an immaculate final polish for all microfilled and hybrid composite restorations.

  • Introducing our innovative elastic silicone shank mount, meticulously designed for effortless and precise placement of the disk onto the mandrel, enhancing efficiency in dental procedures.
  • Our mandrels are expertly manufactured without a metal center, ensuring optimal flexibility and reducing the risk of any interference during polishing or contouring tasks.
  • Experience the exceptional flexibility of our ultra-thin disks, allowing for easy access to interproximal areas and ensuring thorough polishing and shaping in hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Choose from our wide range of options, as our disks are available in both silicon carbide and aluminum oxide variants, providing versatility and catering to different preferences and specific polishing requirements.


Contains: 4 disks, 1 of each: coarse, medium, fine, super fine; 1 Super-Snap plastic CA mandrel
Package Quantity: 48/Pkg
Shank: CA
Shape: Disk
Size: Mini

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