Synergy D6

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The SYNERGY D6 universal composite is meticulously designed to streamline the process of filling therapy while maintaining a strong focus on aesthetic considerations. This advanced composite leverages the exceptional optical self-blending properties of the Duo Shade System, allowing for effortless management of a wide spectrum of tooth shades, ensuring both functional and aesthetic requirements are met.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-Sticky: SYNERGY D6 composite offers a non-sticky formulation, facilitating easy handling and placement during dental procedures.
  • Good Sculptability: Dental professionals will appreciate the composite's excellent sculptability, enabling precise shaping for optimal results.
  • High Resistance to Operatory Light: This composite exhibits high resistance to operatory light, ensuring stability during dental treatments.
  • Low Shrinkage and Fast Polishability: SYNERGY D6 boasts low shrinkage characteristics, reducing the risk of post-procedure complications, and it can be quickly polished to achieve a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish.

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