"T"-Bands – 0.002”/.05mm Thick, 100/Box

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Introducing "T" Bands: Matrix Bands Without Retainers!

"T" Bands are innovative matrix bands designed to provide a self-contained solution without the need for matrix retainers. Crafted from durable and flexible brass or stainless steel matrix material measuring just .002"/.05mm thick, these bands are available in various configurations including straight, curved, narrow (5/32"/4mm), wide (1/4"/6.4mm), and assortments.

Unlike traditional matrix bands, "T" Bands offer exceptional resistance to breakage or tearing during the condensation of amalgam. This makes them particularly well-suited for applications in pediatric dentistry, where their reliability is highly valued. Say goodbye to the hassle of retainers and discover the convenience and durability of "T" Bands in your dental practice.


  • 0.002" Wide Thick.
  • Adaptable brass or stainless steel matrix material.
  • Self-contained matrix bands made of soft.
  • Available in different configurations: straight, curved, narrow (5/32”/4mm), wide (1/4”/6.4mm), and assortments.
  • Do not require retainers for usage.
  • Specifically designed to resist breaking or tearing when condensing amalgam.
  • Offer a convenient and reliable alternative to traditional matrix bands, eliminating the need for retainers in dental procedures.


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