TempCanal Enhanced

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Introducing TempCanal Enhanced: Advanced Antibacterial Canal Treatment Paste!

TempCanal Enhanced is a highly effective antibacterial paste specifically designed for canal treatment. Its versatile application includes disinfecting canals between office visits to prevent flare-ups, as well as in complex cases requiring extended calcium hydroxide treatment. With its comprehensive capabilities, TempCanal Enhanced effectively treats a range of conditions, such as periapical lesions, abscesses, traumatic injuries, root resorption, root perforations, and weeping canals. Trust TempCanal Enhanced for superior canal treatment and optimal patient outcomes.

TE4 TempCanal™ Enhanced KIT: 4 x 1.2mL syringes + 20 endodontic irrigation needles (27-gauge x 1”, 2-side-vent)

TEK TempCanal™ Enhanced Kit: 3 mL syringe + 12 endodontic irrigation needles (27-gauge x 1″, 2-side-vent


  • Non-drying paste for optimal flexibility.
  • Easy removal with file and irrigation due to non-setting nature.
  • Convenient one-hand operation with standard luer lock syringe.

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