TempoSIL 2

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Tempo SIL 2 is a unique addition-cured temporary cement formulated with silicone and zinc oxide, enhanced with a silane agent for exceptional adhesion and superior marginal integrity. This innovative blend results in a sturdy yet flexible temporary cement that can be effortlessly removed from tissue and restoration surfaces. The user-friendly automix syringe, equipped with an Oral Tip applicator, facilitates a swift and tool-free application process. 

Trial Package: 5 ml Dentin, 5 ml White, 15 Mixing Tips with Attached Oral Tips

Features and Benefits:

  • Effortless Clean Up: Tempo SIL 2 simplifies clean-up with easy removal from tissue and restoration surfaces.
  • Fast Setting Time: This cement offers a rapid setting time, ensuring efficient and timely procedures.

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