Titanium Implant Scalers

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Elevate your implant maintenance, debridement, and biofilm removal with Titanium Implant Scalers. These cutting-edge instruments are meticulously crafted from the same titanium alloy as implants and abutments, providing unmatched durability and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased Access: These scalers offer improved access to challenging-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough and effective implant maintenance and biofilm removal.
  • Optimized Sharpness: The cutting edges of these scalers are finely honed and sharpened post-anodization process, guaranteeing optimal sharpness for precise and efficient procedures.
  • Extend Instrument Utility: Enjoy extended instrument life with the ability to sharpen the scalers at any time, maximizing their usefulness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Ergonomics: The Ergo handle design provides enhanced ergonomics, featuring a large diameter and cross-hatch design that offers maximum tactile sensitivity and support, reducing hand fatigue during procedures.
  • Teal Colored Anodized Titanium: The teal-colored anodized titanium enhances visibility, aiding dental professionals in performing procedures with increased accuracy.

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