Tuff-Temp Plus

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Introducing Tuff-Temp Plus: Unparalleled Strength and Precision for Provisional Restorations!

Experience the superiority of Tuff-Temp Plus, thanks to its advanced rubberized-urethane chemistry. This innovative formula delivers greater strength, dimensional stability, and tight-fitting provisional restorations compared to acrylics and bis-acrylics. With minimized breakage and debondings, Tuff-Temp Plus ensures long-lasting durability.

Achieve crisp and accurate margins that remain unaffected by softening or distortion. The material grinds and powders effortlessly, without gumming up or clogging finishing instruments. Whether you prefer a low-speed acrylic bur, fine grit diamond bur, or a finishing and polishing disk system, exceptional results are guaranteed.

Tuff-Temp Plus offers the convenience of self-curing and includes a light cure option for on-demand full-strength restorations. Its fast light-curing capability makes it particularly well-suited for use with a clear vinyl polysiloxane template. Elevate your provisional restorations to new heights with Tuff-Temp Plus.


  • High flexural strength, free from brittleness.
  • Elevated glass transition temperature for enhanced performance.


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