Vacusol Neutral Dental Vacuum Line Cleaner

BiotrolSKU: ED906

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Vacusol Neutral offers the same powerful cleaning capabilities as Vacusol Ultra but in a formulation compatible with amalgam separators. This concentrated liquid cleaner effectively removes both synthetic debris and proteinaceous deposits from dental evacuation lines. Its unique combination of EDTA and Sodium Meta Silicate breaks down and loosens debris, including amalgam and fluoride gel, resulting in improved flow through dental tubing. This, in turn, reduces stress on the pump system, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Special Chelating Formula Strips and Cleans Organic and Inorganic Debris from Vacuum Lines
  • Fresh Lemon Scent Enhances the Environment
  • Reduces Stress on the Pump System for Efficient Performance
  • Anti-Corrosive, Non-Acidic, Non-Foaming Formula

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